MAKEUP 101 || Clean Your Brushes!

Alright, I hate to admit this, but I' on e of those girls who neglects to clean her makeup brushes, but I have some good excuses!

  • I don't wear a lot of makeup
  • It's time consuming
  • They won't dry by the time I want to use them again
  • My skin is doing... fine...

And I've gotten really good at making my brushes work  for alternate uses, so even with 20 dirty makeup brushes, I can get the job done with what's left.  However, that day inevitably comes when my backups start running low and I reluctantly have to admit to myself, "It's time." :(

In essence, any good skincare regimen includes regular cleansing of your makeup brushes. Oils and bacteria are nothing to play with, and when you've spent $45.73 on one brush from MAC, you want it to do it's job absolutely perfectly and last forever.

Spot cleaning is a great way to keep your brushes spruced up in between washes, as well as stretch the amount of time in between washes. For this, I use the Cinema Secrets brush cleanser, which you can decant into a smaller bottle with a spray nozzle if you prefer.  I simply spray or dip the bristles to moisten them and wipe the brush back and forth on a paper towel.

You may have to repeat this once or twice until the bristles wipe off clean, but that's it! Your brushes will be dry and ready to use within a few minutes.


For my weekly, biweekly, or monthly brush bath (whichever suits your situation), I pull out the big guns:  Dr. Bronner's Castile soap and my favorite beauty gadget, the Sigma Spa Mat. It might just seem like some silly pink gimmicky waste of money, but if you often wash a lot of brushes at once, YOU NEED THIS!

This mat has suction cups to adhere it to your sink, and various textures on top to remove the makeup from deep down int he bristles of your brushes. It protects your sink from that awful makeup grime normally left behind from this process, and it pretty much makes this a one handed job. In addition to all of that, it's possible to wash more than one brush at a time! This thing is a game changer!

With warm water running (SPOILER ALERT:  washing brushes wastes a lot of water), I pour my soap ont he mat, wet my brush(es), and swirl away! The Castile soap, made with organic oils, does an amazing job of cleaning and conditioning my brushes, and the mat does all of the real work.  Add some music or a good kiki on the phone and this is ALMOST fun!

The mat has designated surfaces for your different sized brushes, I like to use the entire mat with abandon. Use your discretion! I finish off by rinsing the brush, gently squeezing the water out, and laying it flat on a hand towel to dry flat or even at an incline with the handles pointing upwards in order to keep the water from deteriorating the glue that holds the brush together.

I like to do this as early as possible after I've done my makeup so they're guaranteed to be dry the next day when I need them.  Ten hours drying time seems to be the minimum, especially for bigger, fluffier face brushes.

I hope this inspired you to get some brush cleaning done! How do you clean your brushes and how often?




Where to Buy:

Cinema Secrets Brush Cleanser -

Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Pure-Castile Liquid Soap -

Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Mat -


xo, Miss Bee


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