The past year has been both somber and heated in our country.  From police officers in murder cases against blacks being acquitted, to the massacre and burning of nearly a dozen black churches, citizens are becoming painfully aware of the racism that lives on here in the United States. This corruption affects us all, regardless of race, in a deeply psychological way.  It seems as though "murder by cops" as well as other hate crimes are something our government and a gross amount of non-black citizens want us to accept and I, along with so many, refuse.  It is disheartening to say in 2015 that I am one with the movement towards racial equality, but the fact simply is, we aren't there yet.

This album "Red Pills + Black Sugar" by the indie artist Beleaf has been my soundtrack all year.  His storytelling ability evokes emotion and strength like no other.  This song, "Youtopia" provides a painful realization of the experience of many in this country.  Please take a moment to listen.